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Dental Implants: The Most Durable Support for Your Restorations

If you are missing a tooth, then you already know how a gap in your smile can impact your self-confidence.  Missing teeth can also cause oral health concerns, such as teeth shifting out of alignment and bone loss.  The surest way to avoid escalating dental problems and to rejuvenate your smile is with dental implants.  Implants are small titanium posts that boast unparalleled support for dentures, crowns, and bridges.

Selecting an experienced implant dentist is the first important step in your restorative experience. Backed with years of service, Dr. Ebeling can place dental implants with confidence and to your satisfaction.  To find out more about how dental implants can restore your smile, schedule your consultation with us today.

Placing Implants

To place dental implants, most patients need at least two appointments, including a healing period of three to six months in between.  In certain situations, same-day implants are available, allowing the patient to leave our office with their permanent restorations after just one visit.

Prior to your surgery, digital x-rays will be taken of your entire oral structure, including your jaw and adjacent bones.  Using innovative imagery technology, we can precisely plan your surgery, effectively increasing your comfort level and reducing your recovery time.  During the surgery, a small incision will be made at the gum line, and a very small pilot hole will be made.  The implant is then placed in that area.  Over the next few months, the implant will fuse securely with the surrounding bone.  While healing, you will be given same-day temporary restorations that look incredibly natural.

When the implant has fused in place, you will come back for your second appointment.  Dr. Ebeling will attach your custom-designed, permanent restorations to the titanium posts, and your new smile will be complete

Types of Dental Implants

To meet your unique oral health and aesthetic needs, Dr. Ebeling is proud to offer a full spectrum of implant types, including:

  • Single tooth, multiple teeth, and full arch implants
  • Same-day implants
  • All-on-4®
  • Mini implants
  • Larger implants for molars

Dental Implants Advantages

When fusing to your existing bone, implant-retained dentures offer the enormous benefit of allowing you to speak, laugh, and chew with total confidence.  Implants are also an outstanding option for dental bridge patients.  Traditionally, bridges require the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth to be modified in order to anchor the bridge and sometimes those are perfectly good teeth. With implant-supported bridges, your healthy teeth do not need to be altered.

Preserving Your Oral Health

Dental implants also claim a unique advantage that no other form of tooth replacement support can by maintaining the structure of your jaw by stopping the absorption of bone cells.  When a tooth root is missing for an extended period of time, the body will reabsorb the surrounding bone cells.  This can change the structure of your facial appearance, creating withdrawn cheeks and puckered lips.  A dental implant replaces the function of a tooth root and prevents future bone loss, preserving your oral health.

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