Preventive Family Dentistry: Maintaining Your Healthy Smile

Maintaining a smile that is both attractive and healthy requires a commitment to preventive dentistry.  At East Cobb Premier Dental in Marietta, GA, Dr. Christen Ebeling and her professional staff provide exams and hygienic cleanings to detect problems and treat conditions before they cause damage for the whole family!

Combined with good at-home oral care, the twice-annual dental check-ups we recommend can help keep your teeth clean and your oral health in top shape. As a bonus, Dr. Ebeling offers special incentives to her patients that come in every six months for their regular cleaning and check-up.  To schedule your appointment, contact our practice today.

Not everyone feels comfortable in the dental chair. If anxiety or fear is keeping you from receiving the dental care you need, we can help you.  Our modern dental practice serves East Cobb patients with options in sedation dentistry, including oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide.

Dr. Ebeling is a skilled dentist who recognizes the importance of accommodating patients with dental anxiety. Whether you are simply nervous about a lengthy procedure or feel paralyzed with fear at the thought of getting your teeth cleaned, we are equipped to eliminate your apprehension and create a comfortable, relaxing experience for you.


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Oral Conscious Sedation

Mild to moderate sedation allows patients to remain awake during their procedure, yet fully relaxed and unbothered by the treatment being performed.  Dr. Ebeling gives patients the opportunity to choose between oral sedation, using a sedative pill that is taken prior to your appointment, or nitrous oxide (laughing gas) that is gently inhaled through a nosepiece while you are in the dental chair.

Nitrous oxide is one of the safest and most preferred solutions in conscious sedation dentistry.  Not only can the level of sedation be adjusted during your procedure, but the effects of the gas wear off within minutes after removing the mask.  This allows patients to drive themselves home without feeling any lingering side effects.  When choosing oral conscious sedation, most patients can still communicate with others during their procedure, but they have little recollection of the actual procedure once it is complete.  Nitrous oxide can be used for any type of dental treatment, depending on the level of the patient’s anxiety.

If your dental anxiety is an obstacle to caring for your smile, please let us know!  Our dental team has a priority to make each patient feel comfortable and at ease from the moment they step into our office. Countless patients take advantage of sedation dentistry so that they can achieve a healthy and beautiful smile despite their nervousness about seeing a dentist. Whether you had a bad experience as a child or you have a severe gag reflex, we understand how to safely and effectively address your concerns.

To learn more about how sedation dentistry could benefit you, please contact the East Cobb Premier Dental team today!

Emergency Dentistry

Dental problems are not always predictable!  Whether you have cracked a tooth during your lunch meeting or woke up in extreme pain from an infected tooth, we realize that dental emergencies happen. At East Cobb Premier Dental, we want to see you as soon as possible if you are in pain.  Dr. Ebeling and team are experts in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, which means your dental emergencies can be addressed with confidence. We not only repair the health and structure of your affected teeth, but we ensure you leave with a smile that looks natural and beautiful.

Our East Cobb office values the importance of providing emergency dentistry in a comfortable, rewarding environment.  We utilize cutting-edge dental technology to ensure patients receive more efficient and less-invasive dental treatments.  In addition, sedation dentistry is available to help you relax while we address your dental emergency.  At our practice, we offer oral sedation and nitrous oxide (Laughing gas) to make your visit more comfortable. We understand how disruptive and frightening a dental emergency can be so we make it a priority to ease your fears by delivering the quality treatments you need in the timely manner you deserve.

Periodontal Treatment for Gum Disease

We take your gum health seriously.  After all, your gums are the support system of your smile and the foundation of your oral health. When these soft tissues get infected or diseased, the health of your body is at risk.  Gum disease has been linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and premature births.  Advanced periodontal disease is also the leading cause of tooth loss in the United States. While the statistics for untreated gum disease are dismal, you can trust that East Cobb Premier Dental is highly skilled at diagnosing and reversing this serious oral health condition. We offer advanced therapies for all stages of gum disease, ranging from gingivitis to periodontitis.  Our team always promotes early detection and early general dentistry treatment for the most successful results.

Symptoms and Causes of Gum Disease

Poor oral hygiene is one of the most common causes of gum disease. When plaque and bacteria are allowed to accumulate along the gum line and tooth roots, the

gums become irritated or inflamed. This is known as the first stage of gum disease, or gingivitis.  Left untreated, the plaque can harden and an infection is triggered within the soft tissues.  At this stage, the gums may start to recede and pull away from the tooth roots.  This causes deep pockets of gum tissue to form, which can harbor additional bacteria.  At its most advanced stages, gum disease attacks the surrounding bone and compromises the stability of the teeth.

Considering the alarming progression of gum disease, it is critical that patients are aware of its early symptoms.  Dr. Ebeling and team are careful to educate patients on the following warning signs of gum disease so that they can receive the most conservative and successful treatment possible:

  • Receding gums or deep pocket depth
  • Red, swollen or tender gums
  • Bleeding gums during brushing or flossing
  • Loose teeth
  • Persistent bad breath
  • Changes in your bite

Our East Cobb office offers a full menu of gum disease treatments, ranging from deep cleanings using ultrasonic scaling to laser gum therapy to reverse more advanced stages.  If gum disease has caused you to lose one or more teeth, we also offer dental implants and other restorative solutions. Regardless of the severity of your gum disease, you can depend on comfortable, patient-centered care with us.  We take extra measures to deliver state-of-the-art treatments while keeping you relaxed at every step.

If you are concerned about the conditions of your gums, contact East Cobb Premier Dental today to schedule your consult.  We welcome the opportunity to care for your gums and help you avoid serious consequences to your smile and overall health.

Nightguard for Bruxism – Teeth Grinding/Clenching

Bruxism, or teeth grinding, is a condition that can affect the health of your teeth, wearing down the surface and causing jaw pain.  If you find yourself clenching your teeth when stressed or have been told you grind your teeth in your sleep, you may suffer from bruxism. While the exact cause of this condition is unknown, you can prevent damage with general dental treatments like a nightguard. At East Cobb Premier Dental, we offer customized dental nightguards for our patients with bruxism.

Your jaw muscles can exert an enormous amount of pressure meant for chewing tough foods.  However, when you clench or grind your teeth, this pressure is put directly on the teeth.  This can wear down the enamel and even cause cracks or other damage to your teeth.  While you can consciously stop clenching when you are awake, it is hard to stop nocturnal teeth grinding.  A dental nightguard can reposition your jaw and protect your teeth while you sleep.

Stop Tooth Damage and Jaw Pain

Bruxism can cause extensive damage to your teeth and lead to jaw joint disorders. TMJ or TMD can occur in people with bruxism, adding symptoms such as jaw pain, facial discomfort and jaw function issues. At East Cobb Premier Dental, we can create a customized nightguard that will help prevent this damage to your teeth and jaw joint. We personalize each nightguard so it will fit comfortably and offer protection from the effects of bruxism.

If your sleep partner has revealed that you grind your teeth or you have been waking up with jaw pain, come see us at East Cobb Premier Dental.

Root Canal Therapy

When decay or infection penetrates the innermost portion of the tooth structure, the nerves of the tooth are affected and it’s survival is at risk.  In order to save the tooth and eliminate the discomfort, a root canal may be needed.  Root canal therapy is a straightforward general dentistry procedure to effectively treat an infected tooth.  Dr. Ebeling has performed countless root canals in her East Cobb office.  She uses advanced techniques to create optimal results while protecting your comfort at every step.

We proudly offer effective root canal therapy to treat the following situations:

  • Abscessed tooth
  • Severely fractured tooth
  • Tooth with deep cavities
  • Severe tooth sensitivity

Root Canals Offer Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

Contrary to popular belief, root canals are not painful.  With the help of today’s modern techniques and sedation dentistry, getting a root canal is no more uncomfortable than getting a dental filling.  In fact, our East Cobb office offers nitrous oxide as well as full sedation dentistry for those who wish to sleep through their procedure.

During a root canal, Dr. Ebeling will carefully remove the infected tooth pulp.  After sanitizing the area and cleaning residual bacteria, she will seal the tooth center with a special filling material.  In most cases, the affected tooth will need a dental crown to restore the tooth’s integrity and protect it against future infection.  Rest assured that we inform patients of every step of their treatment plan so that they feel completely comfortable with the care they receive.

Infected teeth can disrupt your day-to-day activities and become unbearable in some cases.  The sooner you seek treatment for your infected tooth, the quicker we can relieve your pain and restore optimal health to your smile.  Contact our office today to schedule your root canal therapy at East Cobb Premier Dental.  When it comes to caring for your teeth, we strive for excellence every time.

TMJ & TMD Treatment

Do you suffer from frequent tension headaches or persistent tightness in your jaw?  Turn to East Cobb Premier Dental for Botox and other treatments.  When the jaw joint (temporomandibular joint) becomes irritated or gets out of place, disruptive issues can result.  For many, TMJ problems can pose a significant threat to their quality of life and oral health.  If you suffer from the following symptoms, you can benefit from proven TMD treatment at our East Cobb office:

  • Headaches/Migraines (often in the morning)
  • Jaw pain or discomfort
  • Ear pain or dizziness
  • Bite problems
  • Clicking or popping of the jaw
  • Frequent jaw locking

TMJ symptoms can vary from patient to patient, and they can be triggered by a variety of factors. An improper bite, teeth grinding (bruxism) habit or an injury to the jaw or face can cause jaw joint problems. Regardless of the severity of your condition or what caused it, you can trust East Cobb Premier Dental to offer effective relief – restoring your smile, comfort, and quality of life.

Get an Accurate Diagnosis
When it comes to treating jaw pain, Dr. Ebeling offers her expertise. In fact, temporomandibular disorder (TMD) is an area of unique specialization. She has the proper education and training in neuromuscular dentistry. Dr. Ebeling is also board certified in Orofacial Pain and continues to pursue the latest advancements in this area of dentistry. Such proficiency fosters great confidence in patients who need effective remedies for their chronic jaw pain.

To ensure we provide the most accurate diagnosis of your TMD symptoms, our office uses cutting-edge imaging technology in conjunction with Dr. Ebeling’s elite knowledge of neuromuscular dentistry. While we always encourage patients to seek treatment as soon as possible if they are experiencing jaw pain or tension headaches, we are equipped to treat both mild and severe cases of TMD. Your treatment plan may involve one or a combination of therapies, such as the use of an orthotic splint or night guard, enamel reshaping, dental crowns, orthodontics and other proven therapies. The goal of any TMD treatment is to stabilize your bite into the ideal position, allowing your teeth and jaw muscles to work together without additional strain.

For more information on jaw pain treatment contact East Cobb Premier Dental today. We look forward to serving you with state-of-the-art dentistry in a comfortable, relaxing environment.

Tooth Extractions

Helping patients retain their natural teeth with general dentistry is always our first priority.  However, there are certain situations in which it is necessary to remove or extract a tooth.  Dr. Ebeling delivers excellence when it comes to tooth extractions.  She is a reputable dentist who uses advanced techniques to remove damaged or infected teeth that are a threat to your oral health.  If a tooth extraction is recommended, you can trust that it is to help you avoid worsening pain or destruction to surrounding bones and tissues.  We also may suggest tooth removal prior to orthodontic treatment, especially if there is significant crowding.

Regardless of the reason for your tooth extraction, you can depend on superior, patient-centered care at all times.  Not only does our office use state-of-the-art technology, but we also offer a full menu of options in sedation dentistry to keep you comfortable during your procedure.  Dr. Ebeling and team understand how to carefully extract a tooth in order to preserve as much healthy bone and tissue as possible.  Once your procedure is complete, we will explain post-operative instructions to accelerate your recovery and discuss tooth replacement options if necessary.  For your convenience, our East Cobb practice offers complete implant dentistry.  Dental implants can help you avoid the consequences of missing teeth, including aesthetics, shifting teeth and bone loss.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars, typically emerging during your mid-teens to the early twenties.  Unfortunately, these back teeth often lack enough jaw space to erupt in a proper fashion. Therefore, they are known for causing more harm than good.  Wisdom tooth removal may be necessary for patients who have wisdom teeth that are emerging sideways, partially erupting or becoming impacted below the gum line.  Neglecting to extract impacted wisdom teeth can lead to the following disruptive issues:

  • Cavities in nearby teeth
  • Misalignment
  • Painful jaw cyst and swelling
  • Bone loss
  • Infection

To serve our patients best, we use the latest imaging technology available to diagnose wisdom teeth complications and help us develop the most strategic treatment plan. If you need wisdom teeth removal, you can trust that it is a straightforward oral surgery that has a very high success rate. Dr. Ebeling and team will explain each step of the procedure and answer your specific questions or concerns prior to your appointment.

Contact East Cobb Premier Dental today to schedule your consultation for tooth extraction or wisdom teeth removal. When it comes to protecting the health of your smile, we do it best.

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